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77 Fundraising Ideas
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77 Fundraising Ideas

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What do people spend money on?

Well, how do you spend your money? You probably buy things you cannot make for yourself, whether it's food, clothing, music, a car or anything else that you wouldn't have if you didn't buy it. Or, you pay for services that you cannot or do not want to do yourself. The way to earn money is to determine what people want but don't want to make or do themselves and then provide them with that merchandise or service for a fee. Drive down any commercial street in any city and see for yourself. What goods or services are being sold? What could you offer your neighbors or extended family that might help you raise funds?

• Hold a Craft Night at your church for women or mothers/daughters. Provide everything they'll need to make something. Charge enough to cover your costs, with a bit of profit. Ask for donations.

• Host a big-screen movie at your church.  Charge for popcorn, candy, soda.  Maybe have free babysitting, so everyone could come.

• Plan birthday parties! Who doesn't like to go to parties! Have someone dress like a clown. (No, not the people who ALWAYS dress like clowns!) Bake a cake or two. Decorate the area provided by the host. Lead a few games. Watch the kids for a while. Go home and collapse.

• One church had an auctioneer who was good at selling things and was very personable and funny.  He got everyone involved.  People in the church donated goods, time, condos, dinners and things to be auctioned off.  The most popular item was the pastor who offered to come to a house and mow the yard.  S.S. classes bid against each other and pooled their money.  There was a silent auction as well.  The youth entertained through music and/or drama.  The theme for the dinner/decorations was based around the culture where the group was headed.

• Krispy Kreme offers various methods of fund raising, from selling individual doughnuts to selling  "buy one, get one free¨ cards.  Contact your local Krispy Kreme for information.

• Get a Photoshop geek to print up "stock certificates" for your trip. Sell shares in your mission trip. Tell "investorsˇ" where you're going and why. Pitch the idea that most people will never have (or take) the chance to go, so they can "share" in the work and the results.

• Think. What do people HATE to do for themselves? They'll probably pay someone to do it for them.


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