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Only $6.99

Overwhelmed When Life Seems Unmanageable

"Why am I here?" "I can't go on..."
"Does God even notice my suffering?"
"Will I get through today?" "Nothing matters anyway."

This book is for people who have experienced what it means to feel overwhelmed by life's demands. Based on C-Kruis International's stage production, HOMECOMING, Brandon Hofer takes readers on a very real journey - a sometimes painful journey that brings them in touch with God's heart, and their own.
This book was not written to give you a quick fix. Or a seven point plan of how to get out of your black hole. It was written to show you that the God that we believe in is there. Right there, in the midst of your pain. And He wants to journey with you. And help you to 'feel' again. To experience life again. To live. A 30 day devotional is included to allow the Lord to escort you out of your lonely place.
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Wild Truth Journal--Pictures of God
Only $9.95

Wild Truth Journal--Pictures of God by Mark Oestreicher

This journal features 50 two-page devotionals that introduce junior highers to the many pictures of God in Scripture, helping them discover the character of God and challenging them to practice those traits in their own lives.


Wild Truth Journal for Junior Highers
Only $9.99

Wild Truth Journal for Junior Highers by Mark Oestreicher

Meet 50 of the Bible's most outrageous and amazing people. You'll find out what happened when God went major rad with His Wild Truth--and you'll discover how God can do the same thing right now in your life. This interactive journal will draw your student into the lives of the selected characters oulined in this resource.


Only $12.99

9780975430583 Bringing Hope To Hurting Teenagers

God cares about at-risk youth... and here's how you can effectively care for them, too.
Practical suggestions. Honest answers. Tools to help you evaluate your existing programs. And real-life insights about what it costs to include kids others have left behind.
If you believe the Gospel is for everyone, this book is for you. For pastors, youth workers, teachers, counselors and others who work with teenagers.
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TRACKING YOUR WALK: The Young Person's Prayer Diary
Only $12.99

TRACKING YOUR WALK: The Young Person's Prayer Diary by Jim Drake

Keeping a journal and prayer are very important keys to growth in any Christian's life. Tracking Your Walk is a cool tool to help young believers (ages 9 and up) develop these vital areas of their Christian walk.