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Spiritual Authority
Only $5.00

Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee

After siting numerous passages from this book in AIMs' training materials, they've decided to recommend it, and make it available to AIM Project Leaders. In a culture where authority is "out" and rebellion is "in" this book speaks volumes. Nee clearly presents the idea that everything is about submission to God's authority. He also clearly reveals that submission to God is manifested by our obeying goverment and church leadership. As a result this book will be a challenge to the average American Christian.


The Art Of Listening Prayer
Only $7.96

The Art Of Listening Prayer by Seth Barnes

Certified project leaders required reading. This interactive devotional is a manifesto for our short term projects. This devotional is a written extention of AIM's primary objective to listen in prayer. This devotional is as much a tool for others to hear the voice of their shephered, as are AIMs' 7-10 missions trips. As a AIM project leader, your qualification to be such, stems directly from your own personal ability to hear and discern the presence and direction of the Holy Spirit. God is using AIM and this devotional as a means to put the “personal” back in the personal relationship that we (the Church) tell others we have.


Hearing God
Only $10.45

Hearing God by Peter Lord

Does the Bible teach that we can and should hear God speak to us today? How can we hear God's voice? How can we know whether the thoughts are God's, or from the devil? How can we find God's will for most things of life unless He tells us?


When God Speaks: How to Recognize God's Voice and Respond in Obedience
Only $10.95

When God Speaks: How to Recognize God's Voice and Respond in Obedience by Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby

Required reading for AIM's Project Leadership. This study characterizes the primary objective of an AIM short term missions trip, which is to listen in prayer, discern God's voice, and obey. In the frantic and noisy culture in which we live, how is it possible to hear God's voice? Utilizing the same inviting tone that made... Experiencing God appealing, Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby provide instruction in discerning God's voice...


So Send I You Workmen of God
Only $10.99

So Send I You Workmen of God by Oswald Chambers

Wisdom is timeless. So Send I You\Workmen of God falls into the catagory of a timeless work with regards to serving God. Every paragraph is a re-read. When Chambers refers to our need to reach the lost he speaks of it as a matter of Spiritual Honor. To keep the message of Jesus Christ to ourselves is an unhonorable thing. The shining star of the book though is the chapter Vision, Valley, and Verity. Any one who has been in ministry very long will appreciate this as an oasis in the midst of dry place. You owe it to yourself and to those within your sphere of influence to consume this book.