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Prayer Walking

Touch and See
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Touch and See by Praxis Press

Just as Thomas believed by touching Jesusí wounds, so many students today need personal experience to confirm the truth of what they hear in lectures. This prayer exercise is an experience of walking with Jesus and truly interacting with Him in a highly personal way.
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Prayer Walking
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Prayer Walking A Journey of Faith

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Prayer walking is a method of intercessory prayer that involves walking while praying at the location of the prayer journey. Prayer walking is a way of being on the scene without making a scene. It could also including riding, jogging, boating, biking, or any other means of transportation. Whatever the means of transportation, the method of communication is to pray on site, rather than from a distance.


Prayerwalking: Praying On-Site with Insight
Only $11.99

Prayerwalking: Praying On-Site with Insight by Steve Hawthorne, Graham Kendrick

Prayer really does make a difference. Not the hollow ritual prayers or shallow rhymes of contemporary culture but the prayer that rekindles the spark of holiness and differentiates humans from the rest of creation. In John 17 Jesus teaches believers to make a difference by interceding for believers, praying evangelistically for unbelievers and praying personally for spiritual needs.

Believers around the world are responding to Godís call to reclaim a personal passion for prayer. This is happening in ways to indicate a new spiritual great awakening is at hand.