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Mission Trip Training

SHARING Your Story and God's Story
Only $7.99

SHARING Your Story and God's Story by Doug Fields, Brett Eastman

IMAGINE a group of students sharing this goal—to know Jesus Christ deeper and to make him known to others!
IMAGINE them doing as the disciples did—fellowshipping, growing, serving, sharing, and worshiping together!
IMAGINE yourself in this kind of caring, committed community—revolutionizing your life and those in the group!


STEPPING OUT: A Guide to Short-Term Missions
Only $9.99

STEPPING OUT: A Guide to Short-Term Missions by Various Authors

This tool motivates, informs of options, shapes attitudes, and helps those preparing for short term missions adjust to new cultures and working conditions.


Re-entry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders
Only $10.95

Re-entry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders by Lisa Espineli Chinn

Lisa Espinelli Chinn is a well know Reentry specialist in the short-term missions community and has done many seminars overseas as well as in N America. She has recently documented her research and put most of her seminar notes into a small book. It is spiral bound book, filled with research, and is easy to understand with many sources and footnotes. A must for every short-term mission leader.


Before You Go - A Short-Term Missions Manual
Only $10.95

Before You Go - A Short-Term Missions Manual by Howard Erickson

This new resource is written primarily for those who will be organizing or leading the trip. This manual has great tips on making travel arrangements, communicating with host missionaries, and packing for the trip.


Missions 101
Only $13.99

Missions 101 Adventures In Missions Training Manual

This training manual is intended to give you a starting point for preparing your team. You know the members of your team best, so feel free to add to these meetings as you see fit. But do not take away from them. The following material is essential to proper preparation. The content has been carefully thought through and prayed about during the 14 years AIM has been participating in short-term missions. We’ve styled the meetings to be used within your often-tight schedule.


Mission Preparation Training - How to prepare for your short-term mission trip
Only $17.99

Mission Preparation Training - How to prepare for your short-term mission trip by Mathew Backholer

Many people invest months of their hard-earned savings to go on a short-term mission trip, yet still go unprepared, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Covering 29 subjects in 35 lessons and with the full use of Scripture, this book will aid the reader to discern the voice of God, finding His will and direction and how to implement and prepare for the call on their life. It covers the practical application of preparing for a short-term mission trip, to include: implementing a God-given vision, financial, emotional, physical and spiritual preparation. Hearing and Implementing the Call of God Preparation for Short-term Mission Evangelism, Teaching and Discipleship Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit After reaching the mission field (or in your home town) the book covers the various aspects and approaches which can be used in evangelism; showing the biblical methods of teaching other believers the truths of God's word; how to enter into the fullness of God by being set free from past bondages and afflictions; being made whole in body, soul and spirit; and being built up in the most holy faith.