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Mission Trip Debrief

THE REENTRY TEAM: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries
Only $8.95

THE REENTRY TEAM: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries by Neal Pirolo

As Neal Pirolo criss-crossed the United States and several other countries conducting the "Serving As Senders" Seminar, it became increasingly clear to him that of the six areas of care, reentry care is the least understood. Grieved by this lack of care when a missionary returns home, he was motivated to provide the Church and missions community with this resource.


Bringing It Back eBook License for 1 Copy
Only $9.95

Bringing It Back eBook License for 1 Copy Post Mission Trip Debriefing Journal and Devotional

Debriefing is simply a matter of helping people reflect on their experiences. It can be done in a group setting or solo, both during the trip or after it.
This 4 week interactive study is designed to help you and your team assimilate your mission trip experience with life back at home. It is all about making your mission trip experience last - all the things that God does inside of you, and the ministry that God does through you.
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RE-ENTRY: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home
Only $9.95

RE-ENTRY: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home by Peter Jordan

Essential teaching for every short- and long-term outreach participant & every church and mission agency that sends them.

Peter Jordan's vital, insightful teaching on the challenges and opportunities that await returning missionaries makes this essential reading for everyone involved in missions. A missions "must-read"!


Mile Post Devotional
Only $9.99

Mile Post Devotional Post-Ministry Follow-Through!

The Mile Post Devotional provides 52 self-paced devotionals contributed by multiple mission leaders designed to disciple your Short-Termers after their mission experience. This resource contains a wide variety of styles for daily study and a broad range of topics relating to Christian lifestyle and issues faced when returning home. This resource can compliment any existing Short-Term program. A successful short-term mission experience is one that brings about a long-term commitment to God's purpose in the participants' lives. Click 'Details' for Quantity Discounts!


NOW WHAT? - Digital Download
Only $11.99

NOW WHAT? - Digital Download Post Missions Trip Debrief Meetings

As you return from your trip you will begin to experience many different feelings. Experienced short-term mission leaders know what God does in the hearts of team members is just as important as what He does through them. Every team leader wants the members of the team to come home changed, to have a vision for the world and to act out the next steps God has shown them. A quality debriefing experience is the key that unlocks the potential of long-term life change for most team members. "Now What?" Equips you with 3 post missions trip debrief meetings, and a number of other resources to help your students build a missions mindset following their missions trip.


Burn-Up or Splash Down
Only $11.99

Burn-Up or Splash Down

Just like a space shuttle struggles and strains to reenter the earths atmosphere, so those returning from living overseas can find themselves confused and in a state of panic at coming home. While people anticipate that going overseas will require major changes in their lifestyles and thinking, few anticipate the difficulties they will face upon return.

Intended to aid the reentry process, this encouraging, and insightful book deals with these important subjects:

adapting to the passport culture
identifying areas of potential struggle
dealing with the emotional challenges
relocation finding a new job, a new place to live, learning the social mores
teenagers returning is not coming home it is leaving home
facilitating a smooth transition for those on the receiving end
Expatriates, missionaries, mission executives, mission pastors, mission communities, and supporters interested in easing the re-entry experience will benefit greatly from this book.