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SHARING Your Story and God's Story
Only $7.99

SHARING Your Story and God's Story by Doug Fields, Brett Eastman

6 Small Group Sessions on Evangelism.
Sharing Your Story and Gods Story sets the stage for you and your small group community to play an exciting part in Jesus Great Commission. This volume of the Life Together series will show you many ways to share your faith. Whether you are shy or outgoing, a new Christian or full of Bible verses, these six wild sessions spell out new descriptions of evangelism you never knew! Gods Word is not just for you and not for your small group alone. Do life together, wth the world that Jesus died for. Heres how.


101 Ways to Help People in Need
Only $8.00

101 Ways to Help People in Need by Steve and Janie Sjogren

You donít have to be the apostle Paul in order to share your faith.
Relatively few of us are gifted in the area of evangelism. In fact, many of us have a rather dismal track record when it comes to sharing our faith. And yet, in spite of our evangelistic shortcomings, we want to share Jesus with others. Is there a way we can be involved in sharing the gospel without preaching like the apostle Paul?


101 Ways to Reach Your Community
Only $8.50

101 Ways to Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren

This book is a collection of 101 ways that Christians can reach out to those around them. Sjogren describes this book as an "interactive cookbook." The concepts for outreach outlined in this "read-and-do" book are designed to be read and then done with a few friends, a small group, or an entire church.


The Master Plan of Evangelism

Book Description
Share the Good News the way Jesus did with this second edition of an indispensable guide to effective evangelism.

About the Author
Robert E. Coleman is Distinguished Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also served as dean of the Billy Graham International Schools of Evangelism as well as director of the Billy Graham Center Institute of Evangelism at Wheaton College.


We Cannot But Tell - Only 2 Left!!
Only $9.99

We Cannot But Tell - Only 2 Left!! by Ross Tooley

The flood of new books lining the shelves of bookstores on a multitude of subjects creates a real dilemma for the would-be book-buyer. One wonders which of the many authors on a given subject really knows what he or she is talking about. Well, you won't get far into Ross Tooley's "We Cannot But Tell" before you realize you've made the right choice. It's a gold mine of wisdom, knowledge and vast experience from a man for whom personal evangelism is not a pastime but a passion. When it comes to evangelism and how to do it, Ross has got the goods.


Living Proof: Sharing the Gospel Naturally
Only $12.49

Living Proof: Sharing the Gospel Naturally by Jim Petersen

In Living Proof, Jim Petersen shares what he's learned from over 25 years of working with the unchurched. He shows that, although many people don't want to hear about our faith, they will talk about their own felt needs-needs that can only be met in Christ.

"Simply verbalizing the message is not enough," writes Jim Petersen. "We've got to make sure they understand what we're saying, and that often means demonstrating it by living a natural, friendly, Bible-centered lifestyle in their midst. We then become living proof of our message."


That None Should Perish: How to Reach Entire Cities for Christ Through Prayer Evangelism
Only $14.99

That None Should Perish: How to Reach Entire Cities for Christ Through Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso

This book presents a refreshing approach to the whole concept of evangelism. Prayer Evangelism is now practically a household term. It is by far the most biblical, most effective and most proven method of reaching entire cities for Christ. If you want to become a city reacher then please READ THIS BOOK!


Evangelism Outside the Box: New Ways to Help People Experience the Good News
Only $15.00

Evangelism Outside the Box: New Ways to Help People Experience the Good News by Rick Richardson

Here are fresh perspectives on relying on the Holy Spirit, awakening spiritual interest in others, appealing to what they value (instead of what we think they should value) and leading them into a transforming experience with God. Also included is Richardson's Circles of Belonging, a new, straightforward presentation of the message of Jesus (yes, it can even be sketched out on a napkin!) that is true to Scripture and true to the new way people live and think. As an experienced evangelist and leader of evangelism programs, Richardson offers in this helpful book the principles and practices that will help us all grow in love for--and communicate effectively with--people who need Jesus.


Prayer Evangelism
Only $15.99

Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso

As a result of the growing worldwide prayer movement, powerful changes have taken place in the Church and in scattered cities-transformations beyond anything imaginable only a few years ago. Of the revelations to come out of this movement, perhaps the most dramatic and promising is the rediscovery of biblical principles for changing the spiritual climate over entire cities and regions. Fulfillment of the Great Commission is no longer a distant hope but, rather, is a fast-approaching reality for a Church that will take hold of and utilize the biblical principles for changing cities as described in Prayer Evangelism. In it Ed Silvoso shares his heart and his passion for reaching cities the way the Early Church did it: the whole Church modeling the whole gospel to the whole city through prayer and prayerful evangelism.