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Daily Devotionals

The Art of Listening Prayer
Only $9.95

The Art of Listening Prayer by Seth Barnes

This interactive devotional is for the person who isn't satisfied with a dry faith. If you're dying to hear God's voice, the good news is that you can! Jesus is the door, and He has opened Himself up to you. He wants to put the “personal” back in the personal relationship that we tell others we have.
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A Call to Die (Hardcover)
Only $19.99

A Call to Die (Hardcover) by David Nasser

David Nasser's A Call to Die is like The Purpose Driven Life on steroids. Nasser takes you through 40 days of deep self-examination and what it means to have real relationship with Christ. There is no slacking in this book; Nasser is pretty much in your face from the beginning, looking at root causes for disfunctionality in our soul and what whole-life commitment to Christ looks like. This book is most effective when read/discussed and worked through with somebody else who also has a deep desire to go deeper with Christ.