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FREE 50 Questions Debriefing Resource

1.      What was the biggest highlight of your trip?

2.      What was the hardest thing you faced on your trip?

3.      What did that hard experience teach you?

4.      What things surprised you the most?

5.      Do you feel like you were prepared for your trip?

6.      If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

7.      Do you have any regrets?

8.      What was the food like?

9.      Where did you sleep?

10.Tell me about the people you met and ministered to.

11.Did you connect with anyone that you might keep in touch with?

12.Did you get a chance to share your faith?

13.Does your view of the world and your life look any differently now?

14.Do you see Jesus any differently now?

15.Did you see anything gross?

16.Did you get sick?

17.What was the scariest thing you experienced?

18.What was the weirdest thing you ate?

19.What was the church you worked with like?

20.How was their form of worship different from ours?

21.Did you get a chance to meet anyone's practical needs?

22.Was there ever a time that you really felt like God was directing you?

23.What was the funniest thing you experienced?

24.How did you work out any differences you had with your team?

25.What was it like in the evenings? What did you do?

26.What were your worship times with your team like?

27.Did you miss me?

28.Did you pack enough stuff?

29.Did you really miss me?

30.What was the weather like?

31.Did you cry when you thought about me because you missed me?

32.Would you ever want to go back?

33.Do you think you would consider being a full-time missionary?

34.What was the biggest thing you saw God do?

35.Do you think you'll go on a short term mission trip again?

36.What's going to be the toughest thing about being home now?

37.Do you think anything will change with your friends that weren't on the trip?

38.Do you think you have changed in any way? How?

39.Is there anything you smelled on your trip that you'll never forget?

40.Are you tired?

41.Has this changed anything in your relationship with Jesus?

42.What were some of the ways you ministered on your trip?

43.Did you get to share your story of how you met Jesus with anyone?

44.Did you get any ideas of how you could minister here at home?

45.Was there anything you saw that just broke your heart?

46.Did you give anything away?

47.Is there anything you HAVE to do this week after experiencing what you did?

48.Was there ever a time you felt completely out of control in a situation?

49.What's the number one thing you are thankful for?

50.Did you catch yourself praising God for stuff?  Like what?




We trust that you find these questions helpful in your ministry, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.




Debbie Barnes



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FREE 50 Questions Debriefing Resource

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A quality debriefing experience is the key that unlocks the potential of long-term life change for most team members. As a team leader, planning and executing the debriefing sessions is like putting the key in the lock.












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