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Parent Debriefing Resource

Some questions to ask your teen/young adult


1)      How can we, as parents, best support your growth in Christ?


2)      Are there any ways that we (parents) hinder or inhibit the life in Christ in our family or home environment?

3)      What are your ideas for our family in gaining the freedom to live our faith "out loud" together?

4)      We want to move ahead and grow in faith with you - what are some things we need move away from in our relationships?

5)      What covenant /agreement can we make together about the way we want to live our faith out on a consistent day-to-day basis?

6)      Feel God leading you to add to your life?   Is God leading you to remove anything from your life?


7)      What did you have to trust God for with regards to your trip?  How did He come through? What do you need/want to trust Him for in your "at home" life?  Do you think that you can trust Him in those areas?


8)      Did you experience God's presence? Did you experience Him in a close, personal, intimate, or new way?  If so, what do you think drew you "closer" to Him?  Are these things that He desires for your daily life?


9)      What a role did these things play on your trip:  Worship, prayer, encouragement, devotion/Bible study, confession, team/group time?  In what ways can these activities be applied on a daily basis?





We trust that you find this information helpful to your ministry, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.




Debbie Barnes
And the MissionsResources Team



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